- How much is admission?
$12 in advance, $15 at the door. Tickets for our last three cook-offs sold out, so we recommend purchasing them in advance at the venue's website here.

- How many competitors will be there?

- What kinds of foods can I expect?
Our theme for the April competition is comfort food. We went with a broad theme to get a wide array of submissions from our creative competitors. While we won't reveal the final accepted recipes, you can be sure of a variety.

- I'm allergic to soy. Will I be able to eat anything there?
Yes! While some of the dishes will be made with soy, all competitors will have a list of ingredients used in their dish for your reference.

- Who can compete?
Anyone, as long as you're not a professional baker, chef, or caterer (you get the idea). Aspiring pros are welcome. Non-vegans can enter as well!

- I want to compete. How do I enter?
All competitors must agree to follow the cook-off rules and pre-register using our entry form here.

- I want to compete. Can I make a raw or gluten-free dish?

- Is this a gluten-free event?

- Will there be booze?
Yes- a menu of available vegan-friendly beer, wine, and liquor will be on display at the bar.

- Wait. What? "Vegan-friendly" booze?
It's true- many alcoholic beverages contain animal parts either as ingredients or are used in the filtration process. The good news is that many do not, including several delicious, local micro-brews.

- Who designed your rabbit mascot? He/she is cute!
Sarah Litwin. She does great work! Email her.

- I have another question. Who can I contact?
We're happy to answer questions, take press/interview requests, discuss sponsorship opportunities, accept invites for drinks... whatever! Email us.