Interested in competing? Awesome! Here are the rules:

- All competitors must agree to follow the below cook-off rules and pre-register using our entry form here.

- All ingredients must be vegan: no eggs, dairy (butter, milk, whey, etc.), gelatin, honey, meat, confectioner's glaze, food dyes derived from animal products, certain sugars, etc. No exceptions. If you have a question about an ingredient, email us.

- Our theme for the June cook-off is hors d'oeuvres: dips and spreads, crostini, mini-sandwiches, sushi, not-pigs-in-a-blanket, mock chicken wings, beef-less BBQ.... you name it!

- This is an amateur competition, but that doesn't mean the competition won't be fierce! No professional bakers, chefs, or caterers, please.

- There is no kitchen at the venue, so all cooking will need to be done beforehand. You may assemble your dish at the table you are assigned to, which you will share with another competitor.

- Prepare enough food to provide 250-275 tasting samples for the voting audience, judges, and press.

- Bring a printed list of ingredients for those who may have allergy questions.

- Make a simple sign (or an elaborate one) with the name of your dish. Be creative!

- The event will begin at 2pm. You may arrive as early as 12pm to set up and get settled, but we recommend arriving no later than 1pm so you're not rushing and can meet and bond with your fellow competitors.